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Beat Back the Clock and Feel 20 Years Younger!

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The Challenge Starts July 16th 

  • Are you a coach, speaker, author or other mission-driven entrepreneur that wants to have a healthy business AND a healthy body?

  • Did you get sedentary during the lockdown and put on a few unwanted pounds?

  • Want a proven plan to build a strong and healthy body without going on a fad diet or living at the gym?

Join passionate peeps like you for the 7-Day Gym-Free Fitness Challenge! 

Time Sensitive: This special 7-day highly interactive challenge will be LIVE and starting soon! Each day will help you get clear on how you can boost your energy levels, get in shape fast  and still have time for your business and your family!


Just imagine the difference you could make in the world if you could magically pour all your wisdom and experience into your 20 year old body...

Discover the exact step-by-step system that has been used by thousands of people to get fit, feel good and lose bodyfat, safely and naturally.


Harmful shortcuts are for people looking for a temporary fix. Not happening here...  


You don't have to starve  yourself or do punishing workouts to get results... let's have fun instead!         


Skip the commute. Skip the hassle. Skip the worry... you have the  choice to make it easier on  yourself...

Meet Your Host

Melodee Meyer

Speaker  |  Writer  |  Biz Coach  |  6th degree Black Belt Master

Creator  -  Kickboxers Ultimate Training

Entrepreneur Woman of the YearUnited States Martial Arts Hall of Fame 2020

AuthorClean Food Diet; The 21-Day Guide to Lose Weight, Reduce Inflammation, Boost Energy and Look Better Naked


"Going to the gym wasn't helping, it left me feeling depleted. Following Mel's plan helped me feel like I was 25 again." 


"During my challenge I lost weight but more importantly, started to feel more motivated and connected than I had in a long time.”


"Working with Mel has both helped me strengthen my core muscles and also my core understanding about the role of food in my life."

Dear Mission-Driven Entrepreneur,


Was 2020 the year when you were finally going to have it all: the impact in the world you’ve always wanted to make, the thriving lifestyle business of your dreams, the kickass body, the fulfilling relationships and the time to enjoy it all?


But then something happened… Covid-19.


We got locked down and... POOF! All our plans disappeared.


Perhaps you were like so many others that got stressed out, sat on the couch and traded in your 24 Hour Fitness membership for 24-hour fridge access and… POOF! A thicker waistline magically appeared.


What if there was a simple process to shed those unwanted pounds?


What if there was a proven method to get fit... and stay fit this time?


Let’s face it. Your work is more than a job. You have a passion and a purpose to fulfill. And over the last few months you’ve been busy completely reconfiguring how you do business in this new economy...


but you can’t afford to put your health on the back burner any longer.


All the success in the world won’t make up for poor health.


What if there was a way to transform your body so that you have all the energy and confidence you need to make the income that you want… but also… make the massive positive impact in the lives of the people you serve?


And what if you knew that the system you were following would also ensure that you enjoyed the journey along the way?


Well, I am excited to tell you that this system does exist.


I have used this system successfully with my clients for years. But it wasn’t until I had to dig out of my own quarantine hole, that I realized how important and timely it was to focus on this now.


You see, our bodies are our business. There is a direct correlation between a healthy body and a healthy bottomline.


I believe that entrepreneurs are going to change the world for the better and that is why I knew I had to share this system now.


It is time to take 2020 back.


Over this 7-day challenge, I am going to walk you through the simple yet powerful process that will help you transform your body… your health… your life.


What would it mean to you if you were able to take daily action over these 7 days with the support of others just like you? and all from the comfort of your own home?!?


Join us now by clicking the button below for the Gym-Free Fitness Challenge. I’m excited to see you there.


Very much yours,



Do Something Today

Your Future Self Will

Thank You For...


It is health that is real wealth - not pieces of gold and silver.


                                  ~Mahatma Gandhi

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